Fire and Smoke Damage – 5 Things to Consider

Even from a very small incident, fire and smoke damage to your home can be a major concern. The effects of a fire can destroy furnishings, furniture and possessions. It can also negatively affect your peace of mind for some time. You’ll want to deal with the aftermath immediately and get everything back in order.

After a fire, it’s critical to restore your house in a timely manner. However, there are some important factors to consider first. The following facts will help you decrease the effects of fire and smoke. They will also help you limit further damage.

1. Safety needs to be a priority, even after the fire is out

Even after you put out a fire, the damage that it leaves behind can be dangerous. Fire-affected areas are a health concern for you and those helping you. An expert should ensure that the property is safe to enter before you begin to assess the damage and restore your home.

Wearing gloves and respiratory protection will prevent problems from exposure to soot. You should also open windows and use fans to help ventilate your home after smoke damage.

2. Fire damage occurs very quickly after the fire

Fire and smoke will rapidly cause serious damage to your property and, perhaps, the structure of your home. Soot residue will settle into the area immediately after a fire. Properly dealing with it should be a high priority. The soot can be cleaned from some surfaces but causes permanent discoloration on others.

Just hours after the fire, finishing on wood furniture will be ruined, metals will rust and clothing will be permanently discolored. In addition, smoke and fire damage can discolor painted walls and damage flooring. The longer you wait to treat the damage, the more difficult and expensive restoration will be.

3. A professional fire restorer can provide invaluable advice

One of your first decisions should be whether you will consult a professional fire restorer. This does mean an added cost, yet these experts can help you limit further issues as you deal with the damage. They can assess the damage, determine items that can be saved and remove the odors from your home.

4. You have to take special care with cleaning and deodorizing textiles

It can be difficult to restore the look and remove smoke and soot odor from fabrics, including clothing, carpet and other textiles. An expert cleaner can assist with more challenging items, especially carpet and delicate clothing.

You may need special treatments to remove odors from carpets, upholstered furniture and your clothing. After you’ve removed the smell, you’ll still need several wash cycles to get your clothing and your carpet clean.

5. Fire suppression activities may also cause damage

The fire and smoke aren’t the only factors that will cause damage. Fire suppression can ruin your possessions as well. Water used to put out the fire can result in water damage. Typical firefighting chemicals can also leave behind a mess. In some cases, dealing with these issues may require professional help.

There is a lot to think about when it comes to restoring your home and your possessions after a fire. Using this information, you can deal with fire and smoke damage safely and efficiently.

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